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Real Time Web Analytics and Lead Generation

Noesis Analytics is a powerful web analytics system that will provide lots of useful information about your website visitors.

What makes Noesis Analytics so powerful compared to other stats such as Google Analytics is it's ability to measure how well your website is performing, as well as generating leads from your website.

Known Visitor Tracking

Using some clever scripting, we can tag known users, either through download forms or email marketing campaigns. The Identities module can then identify these users by their email address on subsequent visits, track their click paths enabling you to analyse and follow up on the most interested visitors and focus your follow up activities more efficiently.

Lead Generation

The LeadCaster module enables you to identify the previously anonymous 97.8% that come to your website, look around and then leave without interacting. Most of these users are probably researching your products and services and are off to your competitors website to check them out. Using clever linking to the web-based contact database Jigsaw and LinkedIn, Noesis can help you identify how to follow up on these visitors by providing company contact information and will even try to offer a list of named contacts at that company.

Conversion Funnels

Noesis enables you to set up conversion funnels or click paths that you want your visitors to take that should lead to a conversion. You can analyse the effectiveness of your conversion funnels and the percentage success rate of visitors passing through the funnel. 

Touch Mapping

If visitors are dropping out of your conversion funnels, you can identify where your visitors are clicking on the pages where the funnel abandonment occurs using Noesis' Touch Mapping feature.

Local Search

Many of your website visitors will come to your website either by a link from another website or by directly typing in your web address. As they haven't come via a search term from a search engine, you won't know what they are interested in when they get to your website.
If you have a site search capability, Noesis Analytics can now record these searches enabling you to 'tune' your website to ensure that popularly searched content can be reached quickly and easily or to identify if your visitors are looking for content you don't actually have on your website.


Track and measure the success of your advertising and marketing campaigns with the AdCam module in Noesis. By using conversion scripts, you can measure the ROI of these campaigns and determine if you are spending your budgets effectively.

Noesis Analytics is an extremely powerful system that offers true insight in to your website and website visitors and is supported by our Noesis Analytics consultancy service.

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