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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search engine optimisation (or SEO as it is commonly shortened to) is a must if you want to attract business to your website from the search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing. This process isn't simply a case of sticking some keywords, such as plumber in woking into your meta tags and on your site's content or else we'd all be at the top of the search engine results!

How Does SEO Work?

SEO comprises of a number of stages, which can take months to come in to full effect. In fact our philosophy is that SEO is a marathon not a sprint.

Keyphrase Analysis

Using industry specific tools, we analyse what keyphrases people are actually entering in the search engines. We will then determine what keyphrases are likely to deliver the most targeted visitors with the least amount of competition.

On Site Optimisation

Once the keyphrases have been agreed, we will carry out the onsite optimisation of the website for these keyphrases.

Technical Audit

Once the onsite optimisation is completed, we will then perform a technical audit of the website to ensure that it complies with Google webmaster guidelines. This includes:-

  • Ensuring a robots.txt file is in place
  • Ensuring that the www and non-www domain records point to the same website and that one or other is set as a default domain to avoid content duplication issues
  • Registering the website with Google webmaster tools and uploading a sitemap

Link Building

If required, we will implement a link building campaign and set up directory entries from related industry directories to help build up the website's page rank reputation. The key to successful link building is to build links from diverse but related websites, with diverse anchor text to avoid triggering a Google Penguin penalty i.e. links should have some keywords but also business name and URLs such as for example.

Manage and Maintain

For our monthly managed service, we will provide monthly ranking reports to show how your website is performing.

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